Web Designing

Journey to become a Front-end developer

I like to do something new all the time. In 2019, I started working on/viewing the HTML code of our departmental website and tried to modify the code as I wanted. I never thought of becoming an expert in HTML, but after 4-5 months, I emerged as a front-end developer and started doing the work that interested me. Slowly I started improving my skills while simultaneously moving beyond HTML, CSS, and javascript to work on PHP, a MySql database, and python. At the same time, I moved ahead in web designing and mastered making e-notice boards and e-display boards, which still work well in and outside our department.

Due to my interest in web designing, I made many websites and e-notice boards for many of my friends' organizations. I also learned back-end work and built a portal when there was a lockdown during Covid-19.

More recently, I also created the 17th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering website, a famous world conference.

Yadvendra Sharan

M.Tech. (Gold-Medalist), B.Tech.
Department of Earthquake Engineering (2017 - Till Date)
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee
Work Profile:

I am engaged in designing and developing the departmental website, various e-notice boards, e-display boards, e-learning portals, and departmental portal, social media presence of the DEQ, and Staff In-charge of the Department’s Pseudo Dynamics Structural Test Facility and the Structural Dynamics Lab.